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Board and work groups

The board

Marianne Segenstedt, chairman

Mia Frankedal, vice-chairman

Ann-Margret Avellan, member

Gun-Britt Berglund, adjunct member

Ann Catrine Fogelgren, finance

Eva Gilborne, member

Kristina Landqvist, member

Pontus Lidgard, adjunct member

Ulla-Stina Wikander, member
Anna Wiking, member

Maria Öhman, member

A partially working board, consisting of 10-12 people who meet approximately once a month to follow the business from different perspectives and move the association forward and into modern times.

Office and Gallery

Pontus Lidgard, coordinator and Gallery Manager

Mari Axelsson, members administration

Gun-Britt Berglund, economy

Our office handles all the administrative matters, from contact and contracts with exhibitors, contact with authorities and partners, media contacts, invitations, finance, IT issues, management of the gallery, etc.

Experienced part-time clerks ensure that everything works and are also the external contact for members and other external partners.

The program activities group


Ann-Margret Avellan, responsible

Ulf Davidsson

Eva Gilborne

Ellinor Liljeblad

Barbro Matsson


We bring out the much-appreciated program activities that are presented in our Magazine prior to each season.

The gallery group

Pontus Lidgard, acting manager

Mia Frankedal

Moa Hjärtström

Kristina Landqvist

Ulla-Stina Wikander

We seek and contract artists for future exhibitions in our galleries.

The communications group

Pontus Lidgard, responsible

Anna Wiking

Our task is to engage and inform via web site, social media, advertising and physical meeting spaces.

The purchasing group

Kristina Landqvist, responsible
Margreth Tallvid

Ulla-Stina Wikander

The selection committee


Ulf Davidsson, convener

Ellinor Liljeblad

Lars Wiking

Weekend hosts

Jenny Kristina Nilsson, planner

Andrej Reve

Maja Sikorska

Anna Hulth

Our weekend hosts are important. They make sure that the gallery can stay open also on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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