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Ongoing exhibitions

Pål Svensson

Opening Saturday 6 April at 12-16
The exhibition runs from 6 April to 28 April
Open Tuesday-Friday 13-17, Saturday-Sunday 12-16

- I have now worked with projects and sculpture in public environments for over 40 years. My great interest in urban planning and architecture has been a major driving force, and led me to take a degree in cultural geography at the University of Gothenburg. This has been very helpful in my understanding of the role of art. 

Art is a completely different language than the laws and rules of society, where feelings and values are more important. Private interpretation is given a great deal of leeway, and the intentions of art have the opportunity to reach the viewer in a more direct way.

A sculpture or a work of art marks a place, a stop for reflection and contemplation. An idea is transmitted from the artist to the viewer and becomes a personal experience. It can be a place where you find rest, or where you get close to nature. You are transported from everyday life to a situation where all impressions become important, you look at your surroundings in a new way.

Today's modern people take photographs. Their mobile phones have a camera that allows them to take pictures, which are then sent to friends and family all over the world. A whole new creative situation has been created. As well as talking to each other, of course, people can share images, selfies and pictures of each other. A work of art can invite you to take a photo, which is then shared on your mobile phone.

Today's art wants to engage through communication and co-creation. The viewer becomes part of the creation of art. Several of my works invite this!

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